My dear sweet blog …

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I have fed you, watered you, taken great care with you. Now the time has come to spread your little blog wings and FLY! I am not leaving you, it’s just that, well… I have met someone new.

It’s been real. It’s been fun. We can still be friends. Just over on the new blog site. New look, new name, new brand. Same location. Same great photography.

Love you always …


Windy, ya think?

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okay, so how mean were we? “Honey, we know it’s cold, but just put on this little sundress and let us snap a few pictures. Do what Ms. Susan says…”.  “We know, your lips are turning blue and you are shivering-but hang in there! Just a few more!” Oh, what we do to get those perfect shots!! What a patient little cutie. And overall, these images are smashing!! (okay, so we didn’t make her wear the sundress the WHOLE time…)

the Jones Family – unleashed !!

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11 adults, 6 kids, 14 dogs, 9 cats, 6 cockatoos…. okay so you get the picture (no pun intended). We had an awesome group photo shoot with this family on the lovely campus of University of Central Missouri right here in Warrensburg, Missouri. Thanks for bringing Harold along! lol

Girls Just Wanna’ Have Fun …

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I had never met these lovely ladies before the day of their shoot. However, I do know the husband/g’pa/dad/son-in-law very well. So he hooked us all up for a Generation Photo Shoot. 4 ladies, 4 generations and loads of laughs!

Change is Good, right???

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So, I have been giving this some thought recently. After one inspirational weekend in TanTarA at the Missouri Professional Photographer’s Fall Conference, I decided it was time to step up my game. I feel I need a new image to appeal to more people (guys and girls, alike).

I know many of you have said how much you like the “lensdiva” brand, but I feel it is time to retire it and come up with something a bit more conventional. I have hired a professional graphic designer who will be helping me reinvent myself as an artistic,  personal photographer. My plan is to really kick up my work with more artistic expression and create a niche for myself in this dynamic market of photography.

Be on the lookout for the new unveiling in the near future … Stay tuned, please. 🙂

Like a Good Neighbor …

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We love this family. They have cooked BLT’s for us. They have gone to the movies with us. They have hired our kid to babysit their kids. They are our neighbors. For Real. Thank goodness I can do this for them:

railroad pictures at Blind Boone Park in Warrensburg

childrens photography in black and white

Pine Street at its simplest

outdoor childrens photography

organic childrens portrait

Rock the Red-last session for 2010

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So far, the RTR photo campaign has received a total of $800 in donations for the American Heart Association! What a tremendous honor to be a part of this fantastic fundraiser. The Jo Co Heart walk is 9/25/10 at 0800. Hope to see you there.

Oh Boy! baby Jude …

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You might remember this cute little guy. He was last seen in a dresser drawer and a plant stand! Poor kid. May have scarred him for life. He was in such a happy mood for our photo shoot on the campus of UCM. Maybe it was the cute college girls:

Celebrating 1 year at a time …

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and this is her first!! I have had the pleasure of photographing Sophia several times over the past year. I think this is NOW my all time favorite shoot with her …

Excuse me, Sir …

•September 8, 2010 • 1 Comment

Baby B is just the cutest little guy! I feel he is a long lost member of the Ratpack! Definitely a Sinatra, this one. Check out his cute images we took on Saturday at Longview Mansion in Lees Summit, MO.